About us

The company that owns the brand, OBLIQUE CREATIONS Srl, was founded in 2006.

Headquarters are located in Bologna inside an elegant space of 2000 square meters.

A staff of 16 people involved in research, development, design, purchase of raw materials, prototyping, finance, logistics and customer care.

Production takes place in Italian laboratories, highly qualified and selected, which guarantee an optimal level quality.

The company in July 2015 has been certified by Dun & Bradstreet with maximum reliability index: "Rating 1".

The brand

LUCILLE debuted its first Collection in Spring/Summer 2014.

Known for its elegant aesthetic, LUCILLE has an iconoclastic approach to life with a fascinating mix of exoticism, memories and contemporary reworkings.

A Collection that embodies a free spirit, with its desire to travel, discover new cultures and traditions, make new experiences.


LUCILLE Collection is widely sold in over 200 luxury and avant-garde boutiques.

The distribution takes place through a Showroom located in Milan to serve Italy and the rest of the World.